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$17 Aircon Service and Repair Call now : 92716763.

$17 Aircon Service and Repair Call now : 92716763.



Aircon Service and Repair

**Freshcool aircon Pte Lte ** @Aircon General Servicing Pricelist@ * 3 units $60 Call now to book your earliest appointment. Sam 92716763.We are specialized in: * Aircon General Service * Aircon Steam Cleaning * Aircon Chemical Wash * Aircon Chemical Overhaul * Aircon Repair * Aircon installation * Aircon Troubleshooting * Aircon odor smell * Aircon not cold * Aircon Water Leak #Tag: cheap aircon service, cheap aircon servicing, aircon service, aircon servicing, air conditioners, aircon not cold , aircon leakage, water leaking, overhaul, chemical overhaul, cheapest, affordable, best , good feedback, reviews, aircon chemical wash, faulty, leak, repair, diagnose, maintenance, clogged, choked

Cheater Bella

Cheater Bella


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