Magnifying Nail Clipper (New) - $8



New, Magnifying Nail Clipper for sale.

Clipping Nails for Your Loved Ones?

Whenever we clip nails for others, we are not the best judge of how to clip it without hurting them.

To prevent injuries from nail clipping

Introducing Magnifying Nail Clipper:

Special design Nail Clippers with magnifying glass.
Magnifying glass can be removed or installed easily.
Adjustable angle magnifying glass.
Always manicure your nails healthy and safety!
Especially suitable for old people and kids.

Magnifier with nail clipper.
A must have for new parents or caregivers
Helps you safely trim babies' or elderlies' nails.
Material : ABS Plastic and stainless steel.
Size : 9.3 X 3.1 CM

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Laisangunngam Daniel

Laisangunngam Daniel


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