Large size Wealth Frog Golden Toad



Large Size Brass Thriving Business Feng Shui Money Frog(Three Legged Wealth Frog or Money Toad) with Golden Ingot Statue , Attract Wealth and Good

"Large size Wealth Frog Golden Toad

*The fat jade money frog sits upon a gold ingot, with a string of copper coins upon the back, representing wealth and dignity and serving as an auspicious sign of treasure, wealth and frog has an inborn propensity and a sharp perception for gold and wealth. It is good at digging wealth and known as a “treasure-attracting” animal.
*In the mouth of the money frog is a coin with a square hole, symbolizing success and wealth accumulation.The Big Dipper upon the back represents successful official career, longevity and persistent good luck.As an auspicious symbol, it not only serves for a decorative purpose, but also can avoid misfortune and attract wealth. It needs to be placed in a particular place. With its head toward the door, it can absorb wealth for you, and with money on its rump, it will double your wealth.
*Great Housewarming or Congratulatory gift or decorative statue for good Feng Shui


Moloney Mikaela

Moloney Mikaela


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