Bronze Chinese Feng shui Dragon Statue



Gold Chinese Feng Shui Dragon Bronze Figurine Statue for powerful Luck & Success

"Bronze Chinese Feng Dragon Statue

Straight out of Chinese legends, this high-quality bronze statue depicts a sinuous dragon clutching a mysterious sphere. The dragon has a long history in China, where it is associated with fortune, power, and nobility, and often appears holding a luminous orb. Some believe this represents the sun, which ancient people believed a dragon chased across the sky, while others believe that it is a rare and valuable pearl that the dragon may bestow upon a worthy individual. Either way, this beautiful sculpture is a handsome gift and a striking accent piece perfect for displaying on a shelf or table.

*Position: Living room/study/office
*Material: bronze
*Size: 5*8*24/33*6*17/22*4.4*11.5/12*2.4*6.5cm

Ciza Zachary

Ciza Zachary


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