Beauty Multifunction Vegetable Slicer



Multifunction Vegetable Slicer,1 container, 6 blades and handpiece, Vegetable Cutter & Julienne Slicer Vegetable Slicer, Fruit and Cheese Cutter & Grater for Slicing,Dicing,Grating,Chopping,Cutting

"Beauty Multifunction Vegetable Slicer

Product features
*It is easy to clean. It is a kind of Multi-functional shredder, so there are five functions includes slice-cutting, grinding, middle slivers, small slivers and flower slices.Texture: the blade made of stainless steel and the handle with plastic of high-quality. Once you buy it, we will give you a peeler for free.
*Say goodbye to the year of cutting by knife. We have good techniques of cutt9ing, so that you won't care about hurting yourself. Except that, we have improved the hand protector, so we stress that you must wear the hand protector when you are cutting small food in case of getting hurt!
*The 2mm slivers includes cabbage, potato, radish and asparagus lettuce, no matter you use them as main food or shredded ginger as relish, that's all good. The 3mm slivers can be used as cold food or fried dishes.. And the 1.5mm slices including cucumber, apple and other fruits, which can also be used as facial mask. The flower slices, potato, radish and purple sweet potato can be made into French fries and pickle, which are delicious and beautiful!
*This product has a good appearance, and it is also easy to store as well as save a lot of your time, what's more, it is suitable for most of the vegetables. Meanwhile, the handle is skid proof with thicker and more stable design.
*We are improving after-sales service to ensure that users worry-free. If there is any problem with our product, you will get full refund without conditions. So do not worry about it. We are the company with product of high-quality! Compare with similar items


Sally Kaitlyn

Sally Kaitlyn


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