Condo HDB Bathtub Singapore 50% Off (New) - $110

S$110 S$220 (-50%)


New, Condo HDB Bathtub Singapore 50% Off for sale.

Small Adult Portable bathtub for HDB , Condominium Fits Singapore bathroom.
Best use for therapy, treatment, SPA and others.
Water Saver Tub.

SPECIFICATION :Approximate net weight is 7.5kg . (with headrest)
Overall size 93 x 64 x 56 (cm).
Minimum space require -110 x 70 (cm).
Material is from PP plastic.
High resistant to heat and shock.
Drain hole on the side.
Bathtub attach with a plug stopper only.
Uses – for indoor and outdoor.
Main use for personal soaking enjoyment.
Interested can contact us.

Reen Michael

Reen Michael


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