Watercolour Art Painting In Gold Wood Frame by Cai Jiang Bai (Contact For Price)



Watercolour Art Painting In Gold Wood Frame by Cai Jiang Bai for sale.

Watercolour Art Painting In Gold Wood Frame by Cai Jiang Bai
Great to beautify you home or office space, or add on to your collection.
Artist: Cai Jiang Bai
Title: Walking the same path (tong luo ren)
Dimensions: 55 x 44 cm

Cai Jiang Bai (1942), the person of the of Jiangsu river Yin. Excel oil painting, water color. Water, color & nbsp in. Shanghai; the Drawing the research will vice-president of the association, fly the oil painting of cooperation with Chen, Yi in 1979"cold Ning the earth" get the tallest prize in national oil painting work, and is medium The country art museum collects.1996 beginning of years create the glass version water color human body painting. Site Cai Jiang White Description: 1942 Born in Shanghai, a former the Shanghai Watercolor Society, vice president of the Chinese Artists Association Member 1958 admitted to the Shanghai YMCA art school, studied with Yan Wenliang Li Yongsen 1959 watercolor works selected for the Shanghai Art Exhibition, at the age of 17 years old 1974 revolution in the end, "was published in Hebei peasants and soldiers Illustrated back cover 1978 to cooperate with Chen Yifei's "immortal youth," published in the Liberation Army Daily 1979 oil painting "Hanning earth" by National Art Exhibition Silver Award 1988 signing in L. The A-RRDEO gallery 1989 held personal exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific Museum, open up a precedent of Chinese artists to enter the international museum 1993 watercolor "Three Monks" by international greeting card design award, "LOUIS" Award 1996 press conference held in the U.S. city of Mongolia. The first glass version of human watercolor Guinness Book of records, and was the British Prince Charles praised 2004 "ancient civilization" was selected tenth boundary Art Exhibitionang Bai

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