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JVC GY-HM650E (Professional HD Camcorders)

Equipped with three, 1/3-inch 1920x1080 12-bit CMOS sensors and dual codecs, the lightweight GY-HM650 records HD or SD footage in multiple file formats, including native XDCAM EX™ (.MP4), Final Cut Pro™ (.MOV), and AVCHD, to non-proprietary SDHC or SDXC media cards. It also records .MXF files with rich descriptive metadata that is optimized for asset management. The camera also includes HD-SDI and HDMI outputs for easy monitoring of HD footage and is upgradeable too – if you already own a GY-HM650, it can simply be upgraded via our website, providing the latest streaming functionality together with any future updates for free.

With a Fujinon wide angle 23x zoom lens, superior low-light performance, and excellent sensitivity (F12 at 2000 lux), the GY-HM650 has ideal optics for challenging shooting environments. The HD lens has a focal range of 29mm-667mm (35mm equivalent) and includes manual focus, servo zoom, and iris rings, along with three ND filters and a removable hood. Other features include JVC’s auto-focus with face detection and an optical image stabilizer.

Handheld Mobile News Camera(Wi-Fi)

1/3-inch 12-bit CMOS sensors (1920 x 1080 x 3)

F11 Sensitivity

23x Fujinon Auto focus zoom lens with manual functions

F1.6-3.0, 23x, f=4.1-94.3mm (35mm conversion: 29 to 667mm)

Optical image stabilizer

SDXC/SDHC memory card recording (2 slots for dual-backup, continuous recording)

Dual Codec: Recording simultaneously HD and 1/4 HD (for web delivery)

Multiple encoding formats: HD MPEG2 (35/25/19Mbps) / AVCHD 1920x1080 60i / SD H.264

Wide media format compatibility: MXF with rich Metadata / .MOV (Final Cut Pro) / .MP4 (XDCAM EX™) / AVCHD

WiFi connectivity with Apps for iOS/Android for remote control, remote viewing, metadata upload

FTP file upload and metadata download via WiFi

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