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New, JVC DT-X71Hx2,JVC DTX71Hx2,JVC DT X71Hx2,JVC dtx71 dual 7-inch display monitor with HDMI,jvc dtx71 2 for sale.

JVC DT-X71Hx2 (Dual 7" W-SVGA 1024x600 Monitor c/w Dual HD-SDI & HDMI/CBVS, Rack-mountable)

The DT-X71Hx2 is an affordable 2-in-1 monitor that offers wide connectivity options and all of the essential features required of a broadcast monitor.

Two 7-inch LCD Panels (1024 x 768 pixels)

16x9 aspect ratio (4:3 adjustable)

160°H | 160°V viewing angle

Brightness: 400cd/m²

900:1 contrast ratio

Loop thru 3G/HD/SD-SDI input (for each display)

HDMI input (for each display)

Loop thru composite video input (for each display)

L/R audio inputs (for each display)

Front panel 3.5mm earphone jack (for each display)

Power consumption less than 15 watts

12VDC power supply via 4-pin XLR connector

120VAC adapter provided

Dimensions: 483 x 132 x 80mm

Weight: 2.5kg

Fits standard 19-inch EIA rack (3RU), +30° tiltable

Underscan / overscan, safe area marker

Zoom-in functionality (pix to pix)

Image flip

Front Tally lights (via RJ-45 connectors)

Easy menu-driven setup

Standard Supplied Accessories: (What's in the Box)

JVC DT-X71Hx2 :7 inch Dual LCD Monitor

120VAC adapter provided

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